In the school holidays, I went on vacation to Carita beach and stay at the hotel. I stayed for one day only, but to me the first day was exciting. The first thing I did upon reaching the hotel, I ran to the beach. There is not just any beach, but there are also small shops that lined the coast and sell souvenirs, sled tenants, tenants jetsky, and others.

I started with play sand. I made sand castles. With great difficulty, I build it, but to no avail. Finally, I decided to play sled that. I learned to play with great spirit. Finally I could. The most annoying thing is, when I was drowning. My clothes wet.

After that I collected shells. Shellfish I found was ugly and broken. Instead I gather clams, mussels I bought it.

When playing on the beach was up. When dusk came, I was watching the sunset. Beautiful … once. Nothing feels nightfall. I slept soundly in the hotel. Sunrise made me wake up. Not feel my time here is up.


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